Action Learning

Some of the best learning and skills development comes from working on real workplace issues with people in a similar situation. Action Learning has been advocated as a powerful and effective tool for learning for decades, and here at Skills to Go we have experienced facilitators who can run Action Learning Groups for you. How does it work? We advocate the original model of Action Learning as devised by Reg Revans. Participants each present a challenge that they wish to overcome. Fellow group members ask questions to clarify their understanding and to seek more information about the challenge. A big emphasis on questioning ensures that group members learn as much as possible about the challenge before time is spent assembling an action plan. Each participant leaves the session with a focus and clarity over actions to take back in the workplace. At the next Action Learning Group, each participant gives feedback on progress and learning is shared and embedded before the cycle starts again.

  • Action Learning – facilitated sessions to develop strategic thinking and problem solving