The Ten Week Start Up

the ten week start up

Have you been thinking about starting a business but you aren’t sure how to go about it? We’ve designed a solution to this problem, based upon the feedback of the hundreds of people we’ve trained to start businesses. We know what worries you, where you get stuck, where confusion sets and and how lonely it can feel.

Our brand new programme is called The Ten Week Start Up & it will build your confidence & clarity by coaching you through each of the vital steps towards starting your own successful business. Each module will build on the last so that your plan of action unfolds before you preparing you for an amazing launch. This is a membership programme so you pay a fee to complete the training and then you’ve got the option to sign up for a continuity support programme and continued access to the membership site. This will give you uninterrupted access and peace of mind as you continue your business start-up journey.

The Ten Week Start Up programme comprises 10 modules and covers:

1. What’s the big idea? Clarifying what you can sell & who needs it & building the vision. Establishing your goals.

2. Defining your market. Profiling your customer. Identifying your market position.

3. Developing & reinforcing your brand. Defining what your business will stand for. Importance of consistency in communication.

4. Profitable pricing strategies. Cost based and value based pricing.

5. Forming your marketing strategy. Nine power pillars of promotion.

6. Using social media & growing your internet presence.

7. Building a referral network. Becoming remarkable and memorable.

8. Financial record keeping & legal considerations.

9. Putting the launch plan together. Getting PR and creating your story.

10. Filling in the gaps. Polishing the plan. Testing the market.

The programme is delivered by webinar, video tutorial, downloadable workbooks and private Facebook support group.

Head over to our membership site to check out everything that you receive as part of the training and if you would like to chat to us about how to get started and how the training is delivered, then please email

Client Testimonial

I attended Business Studio’s first business start-up webinar and it was great! Having already done some face to face business training with Miranda I wasn’t sure if I would have already come across some of the material – I was delighted to find new gems of information and tips throughout! I loved the interaction of the live webinar and scribbled frantically throughout! I feel incredibly fortunate to have had this opportunity as well as the brilliant free resources. I’m looking forward to learning more about getting my business up and thriving from Miranda!

J.K – Executive Coach