Presenting With Impact

Is it for me?

We can run this workshop for business clubs or groups of business owners who want to learn how to deliver memorable, impactful and dynamic presentations.


Being able to stand up in front of a group to present is, for some people, a fate worse than death. So much so, that there is a word that describes the fear of public speaking – glossophobia! Yet for a business owner, being able to present in front of groups brings great advantages. You get known, recognized and remembered. This workshop gives an introduction to how to present with impact – something that you can use to speak at groups, or when pitching for work.

What will I learn?

In this half day skills workshop you will:
• Learn the importance of knowing what your real objective for the presentation is
• Use a 3 part process to design a short presentation
• Practice different ‘openers’ that will grab attention and get your audience’s attention
• Learn about different communication techniques to ensure your audience is engaged and interested
• Design an approach that works for you, your style and your message


This is a half day workshop and we will use the following methods:

• Presentation by trainer
• Discussion
• Activities
• Practice presentations
• Personal reflection and action planning


The cost to deliver this half day workshop to a group is £500+VAT

If offered as an open programme (as opposed to in-house) the cost per person is £59+VAT

This course can be delivered one-to-one at a cost of £199+VAT

Further reading

If you’d like to learn more about how to improve your presentation skills, have a read of this short blog article. ‘10 tools for effective presentations‘ and leave us a comment to let us know if was useful!

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