Run to success

‘Miranda Jenkins of Skills To Go Ltd has undertaken various pieces of work for us. As a small business it is often difficult to see the bigger picture, especially when contemplating a change of direction. On each occasion Miranda has helped us achieve that allowing us to formulate clear objectives, reasoned arguments and visualise achievable outcomes.

When we worked with Miranda to focus our business direction of travel she engaged the whole team in an immersive day of interactive exercises that brought them together and signing form the same hymn sheet in a way that only an external person who has taken the time and care to understand the business thoroughly could have done.

When she worked with us as directors to scope out a new five year vision for the business she helped us to face up to the opportunities and threats we faced, including our own personal barriers in a non combative but critical and constructive manner. The result has been a coherent and well articulated plan that now forms the basis of all our decision making.

If you are a small business looking for inspiration, a shot in the arm for your leadership skills or a fresh pair of eyes on a strategic goal, I can highly recommend Miranda and Skills To Go.’