Dynamic Presentation Skills

Is it for me?

For anyone who delivers presentations at work, to inform, inspire, persuade or influence an audience.


Glossophobia is the official term for ‘fear of public speaking’! It is such a common fear that it has its own name! This two day course is designed to develop your presentation skills so that you can deliver dynamic presentations in spite of any fears that you have over standing in front of an audience. You will learn how to deal with nerves and how to design a presentation that achieves the outcomes you need.

What will I learn?

This is a 2 day workshop and it covers the following topics:
• How to design a presentation to deliver the outcomes you need
• How to present with confidence and clarity
• How to communicate using different techniques to achieve different effects
• Engaging your audience and getting them on your side
• Using visual aids
• Handling questions and dealing with nerves


The 2 day Dynamic Presentation Skills workshop is interactive and participative. It includes several practice sessions to help you build your skills and confidence. Other methods used are:
• Presentation by facilitator
• Discussion
• Personal reflection
• Presentation practice
• Action planning
You will be required to do a small amount of pre-course preparation so that you can bring a presentation to work on during the 2 day programme.


Depending on group size, from £198 +VAT per person.

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