Facilitation Skills For Meetings & Team Events

Is it for me?

This workshop is for anyone who takes the lead in meetings and team events. We will teach you how to facilitate discussion to achieve key outcomes using interactive and engaging approaches. Being able to facilitate is increasingly part of the manager’s vital skill set.
Summary Meetings can be as dull as ditch water! But this can be completely turned on its head if you adopt a facilitative approach to stimulate discussion and achieve agreement when working with groups and teams.

What will I learn?

This workshop runs for 1 day and covers the following topics:
• What is facilitation and what is the facilitator’s role?
• Key skills of the effective facilitator
• When is the right time to facilitate?
• Defining required outcomes
• Selecting an approach that delivers the required outcome
• Tools and techniques in the facilitator kitbag
• Listing, questioning and summarising skills
• How to manage time and reach outcomes


All our workshops are interactive and participatory. In this workshop we will use the following methodologies:

• presentation by facilitator
• discussion
• group work
• individual reflection
• practice sessions to try new approaches
• action planning


Depending on group size, from £99 + VAT per person.


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