How to Delegate

Is it for me?

This workshop is for leaders, managers and project managers, who are responsible for delivering results through the work that other people do. If you need to delegate individual tasks or whole projects to others, then this workshop will help you to discover an approach that brings great results for you, the individual and the wider business.


This one day workshop explores the art of delegation. With most people feeling over-worked and under-resourced, the workshop looks at how delegated tasks can be positioned as attractive opportunities rather than an onerous additional workloads. It introduces a model for delegation that brings the delegator more choice in the way they delegate and in the outcomes they seek from the delegation.

What will I learn?

This introductory workshop runs for 1 day and covers the following topics:
• What is delegation and how does it differ from task allocation?
• Learning to achieve ‘leverage’ to boost productivity
• Getting ready to delegate and how to ‘let go’
• Establishing objectives and agreeing boundaries
• Choosing the right tasks for the right person to achieve best outcomes
• Delegation styles


All our workshops are interactive and participatory. In this workshop we will use the following methodologies:

• presentation by facilitator
• discussion
• group work
• questionnaire to identify delegation style
• individual reflection
• action planning


Depending on group size, from £99 +VAT per person.


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