How To Manage Conflict

Is it for me?

Are you a team leader, facilitator, manager or project manager? Are you responsible for managing the conflict that arises between people at work? This workshop is for anyone who finds themselves responsible for working with conflict, managing it and resolving it in the workplace.


This one day workshop will explore why conflict arises, why it isn’t necessarily a bad thing and how to manoeuvre people through conflict and towards resolution. With workplace pressures rising, resources often decreasing and priorities differing between individuals and departments, conflict can easily start to occur. This workshop explores practical strategies for both managing and resolving conflict at work.

What will I learn?

This introductory workshop runs for 1 day and covers the following topics:
• Why does conflict occur?
• Turning conflict into positive outcomes
• Understanding different communication styles
• Recognising roles in the Karpman ‘Drama Triangle’
• Approaches to managing conflict
• Challenging conversations
• Reaching resolution


All our workshops are interactive and participatory. In this conflict workshop we will use the following methodologies:

• presentation by facilitator
• discussion
• simulated conversations
• group work
• questionnaire to identify preferred communication and conflict management modes
• paired practice
• individual reflection
• action planning


Depending on group size, from £99 +VAT per person.

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