Recruitment and Selection – The Manager's Role

Is it for me?

This workshop is for managers who are involved in the recruitment and selection process for new team members.


When someone leaves, it is natural to want to find an immediate replacement for them. But recruiting the right person can take time and has costs associated with it, so it is important to get it right. This workshop introduces the practical steps a manager must take to attract and appoint the best candidate for the job. The workshop takes you from first steps in clarifying the role to be filled, through to how to manage the interviewing process and making an offer to the best candidate.

What will I learn?

This is a 1 day workshop and it covers the following topics:
• Defining the role to be filled
• Writing the job description
• Profiling the ideal candidate (the person specification)
• Methods of attracting applications
• Designing the selection process
• Managing interviews and asking the right questions
• Choosing the successful candidate and making the offer


The methods used on this 1 day workshop are:
• Presentation by facilitator
• Discussion and group activities
• Practice interviews
• Reflection and analysis
• Paired work
• Action planning


Depending on group size, from £149+VAT per person.


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