Time Management – How To Get More Done And Turbo-Charge Your Time

Is it for me?

This workshop is for anyone who has too much to do and not enough time to do it! Isn’t that most of us? If you want to re-think the way you tackle your workload in order to be more productive, more focused and less stressed, this workshop is for you.
Summary This one day workshop will help you to understand some of the key principles of effective time management. You will learn some of the tricks that those who are the most productive use. We will develop the skills of focus, prioritisation and scheduling so that you leave with an easy to implement personal time management strategy.

What will I learn?

This introductory workshop runs for 1 day and covers the following topics:
• Recognising and dealing with time thieves
• The role of clarity in effective time management
• Recognising what is important and what is urgent
• Simple tools for productivity
• Planning and prioritising
• Protecting and managing ‘quality’ time
• Achieving more balance


All our workshops are interactive and participatory. In this workshop we will use the following methodologies:

• presentation by facilitator
• discussion
• group work
• individual reflection and practice
• action planning


Depending on group size, from £99 +VAT per person.

Further reading

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