Create Your Annual Power Plan

Is it for me?

We can run this workshop for business clubs or groups of business owners who want to find the energy, focus and motivation to get their year off to a great start with a clear plan of action.


The Power Plan workshop provides a step by step approach to taking the best bits from the year that has just passed, building on those best bits and creating a clear and exciting plan for your business for the year ahead. During the workshop you will connect with what you really want to achieve and you will identify your most important goals. From this you will create your own Power Plan, that gives you the structure and actions to get your year off to an amazing start. You will set goals, write your plan and get the support to make it all happen.

What will I learn?

In this half day skills workshop you will:
• Review the previous year acknowledging successes and everything you’ve learnt
• Define your vision for the year ahead
• Identify key goals that if achieved, will mean you’ve have a successful year
• Break your goals down into specific timed actions
• Identify any blockers or self-sabotaging strategies that could get in your way
• Leave the workshop will a completed Power Plan, lots of confidence and load of motivation!


This is a half day workshop and we will use the following methods:

• Presentation by trainer
• Discussion
• Activities
• Paired practice
• Personal reflection and action planning


The cost to deliver this half day workshop to a group of up to 20 people is £500+VAT

If offered as an open programme (as opposed to in-house) then the cost per person is £59+VAT

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