Introduction to Negotiation Skills

Is it for me?

We can run this workshop for business clubs or groups of business owners who want to learn some of the strategies used by professional negotiators, who know how to strike the deal they want, and how to approach situations where prices and terms need to be negotiated.


Everyone needs to be able to negotiate! In business it is a critical skill to help you build productive and profitable relationships and to achieve the results you need to make your business flourish. Some of us find it harder than others to ask for what we want. Unhelpful thoughts can hinder our ability to drive a good bargain and to stand up for what we believe is a fair outcome. This workshop shows you have to stay in control of a negotiation process when our minds (and hearts!) are racing.

What will I learn?

In this half day skills workshop you will:
• Understand what it means to ‘negotiate’ and recognise situations where you can use these skills
• Learn the stages of a negotiation process
• Understand the important of preparation and planning ahead
• Identify trading concessions that you can use during a negotiation discussion
• Practice working out your best, acceptable and worst case outcomes


This is a half day workshop and we will use the following methods:

• Presentation by trainer
• Discussion
• Activities
• Paired practice
• Personal reflection and action planning


The cost to deliver this half day workshop to a group is £500+VAT

If offered as an open programme (as opposed to in-house) the cost per person is £59+VAT

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