Nailing Your Networking

Is it for me?

We can run this workshop for business clubs or groups of business owners who want to become confident and competent in business situations where networking is required.


Our Networking Skills workshops have been very popular with business clubs and conference organisers who want a high energy session that teaches the essential skills for successful business networking. The session enables people attending events to make useful connections, to promote their business and to learn some valuable skills. For business owners working alone, the workshop illustrates how to target the right places to meet the right people – and then what to do once you’re in those places.

What will I learn?

In this half day skills workshop you will learn:
• How to plan your networking strategy
• How to introduce your business to strangers
• How to form quick, productive relationships with people you’ve just met
• How to stay in touch afterwards
• How to take an altruistic approach to networking
• How to be memorable (for the right reasons!)


This is a half day workshop and we will use the following methods:

• Presentation by trainer
• Discussion
• Activities
• Paired practice
• Personal reflection and action planning


The cost to deliver this half day workshop to a group is £500+VAT

If offered as an open programme (as opposed to in-house) the cost per person is £59+VAT

Further reading

We’ve written a series of blogs that will help you as you take steps to get more from the investment you make in networking. Take a look at ‘How to build rapport at networking events, fast‘, ‘How to talk to people at networking events‘, ‘How to mix with strangers at networking events‘, ‘How to be remembered after a networking event‘ and ‘How to get ready to network‘.


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