Skills for Savvy Selling

Is it for me?

We can run this workshop for business clubs or groups of business owners who want to build their skills in selling their products or services.


Selling can be seen as a dirty word, but if you can’t sell your own products and services, you are not going to have a thriving business. This workshop helps you to develop an approach to selling that builds strong, trusting relationships with your customers so that when they are ready to buy, they come to you. Selling is a process and doesn’t necessarily take place in one transaction. Savvy salespeople know that they need to build their pool of prospects, nurture their interest, help them to make a purchase and then build their loyalty so that they buy again, and again.

What will I learn?

In this half day skills workshop you will learn:
• The difference between sales and marketing
• How to bring leads into the business and turn leads into prospects
• What a sales funnel is, and how to build one
• How to use TLC to build trust and loyalty
• How to overcome buying objections


This is a half day workshop and we will use the following methods:

• Presentation by trainer
• Discussion
• Activities
• Paired practice
• Personal reflection and action planning


The cost to deliver this half day workshop to a group is £500+VAT

If offered as an open programme (as opposed to in-house) the cost per person is £59+VAT

This course can be delivered one-to-one at a cost of £199+VAT


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