Action Learning Facilitation

Is it for me?

We can offer facilitation of action learning groups to organisations who want to develop enhanced business thinking skills, leadership and management ability, problem-solving and decision making approaches. The action learning programme will work entirely on real business issues that are impacting on your organisation’s performance. If you want your people to develop ownership, confidence and a more business-focused approach, then action learning is for you


In an action learning group participants take full responsibility for bringing a subject for the group to work on at each session. We call this the learning question. Whatever is holding them back or preventing progress at work, they are encouraged to bring it for discussion and analysis in a confidential facilitated group environment. A facilitator works with the other group members to develop advanced problem solving skills and to assist the owner of the learning question in finding the ‘actions’ that they will take, to move forward.

What will I learn?

Action learning usually takes place over a course of 4-6 sessions, around a month apart. Participants learn how to:
• Problem solve
• Use consulting skills
• Listen actively and intently
• Analyse and ask insightful questions
• Summarise
• Agree goals and hold each other accountable
• Provide feedback


Usually run as a programme of 6 half day sessions (once per month) we use the traditional action learning cycle originated by Reg Revans as follows:

• Present problem
• Analyse problem via questioning and testing of assumptions
• Reach new understanding
• Develop action plan
• Implement
• Review outcomes
• Reflect on learning


Depending on group size, from £99+VAT per person per session

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