Communication Skills

Is it for me?

This workshop is for everyone at work, to help improve the way that communication happens in its various forms, and most importantly, to improve awareness of how to communicate to achieve a desired outcome.


Communication takes various forms at work, and increasingly we rely on digital communication to achieve results quickly and efficiently. New technologies haven’t necessarily improved the way that we deliver our messages, and this workshop raises awareness of the skills to achieve effective and professional written and verbal communication at work.

What will I learn?

This is a 1 day workshop and it covers the following topics:
• Understand the ‘tone’ of communication and the results it delivers
• Explore the range and purpose of your communication at work
• Practice flexibility in communication to suit different audiences
• Understand your own style, and how to adapt it to communicate better with other styles
• Analyse barriers to good communication
• Explore use of neuro-linguistic programming techniques to optimise relationships through better communication


The methods used on this 1 day workshop are:
• Presentation by facilitator
• Discussion and group activities
• Questionnaires to identify personal preferences
• Reflection and analysis
• Paired work
• Action planning


Depending on group size, from £99+VAT per person.


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