• Resilience At Work – Who’s Responsible And How Can It Be Achieved?

    In January, I attended a very interesting and helpful half day event for learning and development professionals, exploring Resilience At Work. The event was organisation by CIPD Gloucestershire’s branch and the subject is clearly at hot topic at the moment because all tickets were sold and the room couldn’t squeeze in another person. Those of you […]

  • Bees don’t give a ****!

    Back in the summer I was taking a walk one evening, enjoying the late sunshine and that very special time of the day when most of the ‘busyness’ is over, and the day is slowing down. I was reflecting on some of the challenges my business clients were facing and, as is often the case, […]

  • Finding Your Purple Cow – Stand Out Or Fit In?

    When we are growing up, all we want to do is to fit in. When we start a new job, we are inducted in the organisation’s procedures so that we can follow them (like everyone else). When we make friends, we naturally seek out those who are ‘like us’….it’s natural rapport. So….what’s the point? In business […]

  • When Views Clash At Work…

    You would have to be a very special person to never disagree with a work colleague! Whilst most of us prefer working in a harmonious workplace, working in an environment where everyone always agrees is, in fact, quite dangerous. There is the much quoted example of the NASA engineer who disagreed with the launch of Space […]

  • What’s The Point Of Passion?

    Well it wouldn’t be a February blog if there wasn’t at least one small reference to Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day has become one of the biggest commercial events of the year, after Christmas, Halloween and Easter. And do you know, I LOVE you the fact that love can be celebrated officially at least once a […]

  • Why Focusing On FOUR Goals Could Be Enough In 2016

    May I almost certainly not be the first person to wish you a very Happy New Year! I’ve lost count of the kind wishes I have received since the New Year began and thank you to every one of you who messaged me between midnight on 31st December, and in the days and weeks since. […]

  • Why 2015 can still be your best year yet

    It’s not quite over yet, and I bet it hasn’t all been easy. Let me guess, 2015 has served up some some highs; I’m quite sure it will also have delivered a few lows too. There will have been unexpected twists and turns that you could not have imagined and you will probably have done […]

  • What Holds You Back?

    I read a fascinating thing in a book today. Apparently, in the early days of steam trains, scientists insisted that speeds were capped at 30mph. Why? Because it was believed that human bodies would explode at speeds greater than that. A truly terrifying and quite horrible thought! How is it possible then that we now […]

  • How To Avoid Overwhelm & Overload

    We’ve all been there. A busy diary that leads keeps us away from our desk for a few days. A flood of correspondence to deal with. Meeting requests that need answering. Work to complete. Questions to answer. Clients to follow-up with. Suddenly work starts to make you feel overwhelmed and overloaded. There just doesn’t seem […]